Hong Kong Pools For Kids and Families

The best hk pools for kids and families offer lots of fun and excitement, with water slides and splashy rides. But there are also plenty of shady spots and quiet lanes for those who want to swim laps or simply relax. Many have special facilities for toddlers and older kids, including splashy water playgrounds, mushroom and tree-shaped fountains, and giant slides, making it easy to keep your little ones entertained while they practice their swimming skills.

Most of the hk pools are located in the city’s parks, but a few are in private clubs or hotels. The hotels’ swimming pools are especially impressive, with one standout at the Peninsula, which is designed to resemble a Roman palace and offers a stunning view of Hong Kong’s skyline. Guests can enjoy their morning swim in the heated indoor pool or plunge into a twisting 28-metre slide that resembles a rocky waterfall.

Another hk pool that attracts visitors is the Ma On Shan swimming complex, where guests can test their bravery on four giant water slides, including Hong Kong’s fastest, which is 9 metres high. The pool has a variety of other attractions, too, including a lane for lap swimmers and a leisure pool with fun mushroom and tree-shaped fountains. Those looking for something more laid-back can take a dip in the round stepping pool or toddler pools, or even try their hand at underwater diving in the Olympic-sized training pool.

Despite the coronavirus restrictions, most public swimming pools are open and are available to the general public. But opening hours may vary from day to day and some pools are closed for cleaning, or for annual maintenance. If you’re planning to visit a particular pool, be sure to check its website for details.

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