Day: October 30, 2023

The 2018 Hk Prize and Sigg Prize Nominations

hk prize

Hk Prize is one of Asia’s premier prizes for scientific research with a positive impact on society. Open to researchers worldwide and selected through a rigorous review process free from sponsorship or committee influence, the Hong Kong Prize provides winners with a platform to enhance their careers and expand their international network.

A triumvirate of top-grossing Hong Kong comedic stars — Michael Hui, Eddie Cheung and Andy Lau — have received lifetime achievement awards at this year’s Hong Kong Film Awards. The ceremony, which took place on November 12, marked the first time that the event was held since it was halted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The award ceremony will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook, as well as on TVB’s iNews. A total of nine awards will be handed out, including the best actor in a leading role for Lau and the best actress in a supporting role for Cheung. Also up for grabs is the award for best film editing, the award for most popular film in Hong Kong and a special prize for outstanding contribution to Chinese cinema.

Six artists have been nominated for the second Sigg Prize, a HK$500,000 cash prize to honour the work of Greater China artists. The shortlisted artists will showcase their works at Hong Kong’s M+ museum from September 2023. The winner will be announced in early 2024.

The prize for the best Hong Kong History Book of the Year was won by a newly-published account of the death of a gay policeman in late-colonial Hong Kong. The book, A Death in Hong Kong, is authored by historian Prof Wang Gungwu and published by the Royal Asiatic Society’s Hong Kong Studies Series.

Justice Centre Hong Kong has won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize nomination, marking the first time a non-governmental organisation has been nominated for the honour. The Hong Kong-based charity aims to ensure that no forced migrants are left alone on their journey to protection, justice and a decent life through legal assistance, psychosocial support, community initiatives and research projects.

The winner of the best Hong Kong film of the year award was Benny Chan’s cops-and-robbers actioner Raging Fire, which won a best director prize as well as awards for its screenplay and action choreography. Chan died in 2020. The 40th awards also saw Donnie Yen, the star of the movie, win the best actor prize. The prestigious award was posthumously presented to Chan’s widow. The film was produced by former TVB bosses Sammo Hung and Andrew Lau. The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards were presented at the Victoria Palace in Central on November 12. – — HK Prize, hk , hong kong prize, hongkong prize, hk , hongkong hk, hong king, hong kong hk, hong kong, hong kong hong king, hk prize hong king, hong king hk prize, hong kong hk prize, hk , hong kong prize hk, hong king hk prize, Hong Kong Prize, hong hk, hong king, winner hk, hong king prieta, hk hong kong, hong king prize, hongkong prieta hong king, hongkong prieta, hong kong, hk , hongkong prize hong king, hong kong, hk, hong kong prieta, hk, hongkong prieta, winning hk, hong king hong kuei